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Your technology runs your business.  We live to promote that, not to put out fires.  We are a knowledgable team of techs who know the power of translating geek to english to productivity.  Click to learn more…

It’s one thing to say our services are great and although we are indeed awesome it is completely different when those promises are actually met.  Above being talented, we take pride in our ability to listen to you and other small businesses who tell us things like:

“I am sick and tired of using an internal employee to fix our technology problems” or “I hate unexpected costs, isn’t it possible to have someone work proactively?” or “We are frustrated by the lack of knowledge, experience and care of our current provider” or “We are unsure as to where our data is, how its protected and what we do in case of an outage”.

If any of that sounds familiar, read on.

What we are attempting is to leverage who we are and our expertise to contribute topical and meaningful content related to Businesses Running Macs. We want to tell you who we are through our experience, not copy written to cater to another’s expectations. The bottom line is businesses all want to be productive (achieve their goals to success). Your technology is critical to making that happen (or could keep it from happening) and one size does not fit all. Therefore it is important to understand what you do and why. Then we can go crazy with all sorts of automagical solutions. But not until then.

Conversely, our service is single minded and focused solely on businesses who value their productivity. We aren’t firemen. Our clients come to us because they want an all in one solution that is personalized (and personal) and free of surprises. It’s an all you can eat program tailored to your specific needs. Its “unlimited”.

That is our product. Our mission however is “To provide the best possible experience to our customers.”  Our clients talk about us at dinner parties.  Making things work is easy.  Building relationships and trust is much more challenging.  And rewarding for everyone involved.

Probably far and away the most frequent question we are asked is: “what does “unlimited” mean?”.  IT support is one thing. Understanding the goals of our clients is different.  They don’t treat us like janitors and we don’t treat them like idiots. There are plenty of firemen out there for that. And you know what? That’s awesome. Because what we are about isn’t a fit for everyone. Some people need janitors to match their needs and budget.Read our articles. Comment on them. We love to listen. How else can we continue to be valuable? This “about us” section would more appropriately be titled “about you”. Call us, we want to listen.

Proactive Managed Care For Macintosh

Think Fixed is a Macintosh technical support firm, serving the Fort Worth/Dallas metro areas.

Our philosophy is to bring under control baseline technical management and security. By acting proactively, we deploy projects from a solid foundation.

Complete Mac support services and consulting for anything Apple: Macbook Pro, Intel, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, OS X, Lion and Mountain Lion, printer, wiring, backups, consulting… you get the idea. Switching? We can migrate your PC data to your new Apple and show you how to get started.

We are Windows-friendly and can integrate into any mixed environment. Think Fixed brings DFW a new and personal way of caring for your Macintosh, whether a you are a small- to enterprize-sized business.

Our philosophy centers on the core concepts of preparation and strategic planning. We implement a fix for any problem but then move to maintain and repair your Macintosh network and plan for future growth. Mac tech support at its best!

Your Macintosh is a tool. Mac users need more than emergency (break-fix) support. We focus not only on the Macintosh OS, but also on your needs as a business user. Your local Apple store may be a good resource but sometimes businesses who use Macintosh find they have deeper needs.   Shop with us for your next Apple computer product and know that elite Mac techs are standing by to assist.

We look for ways to implement strategies to make your Macintosh and Mac network run smoothly, even in the event of a catastrophe.

This includes:

  • increasing your internet speed and efficiency
  • education for you and your staff on how to best avoid problems and work efficiently
  • Mac OS X server setups (Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard)
  • remote access and remote tech support
  • a stringent backup strategy
  • basic support tools and how to use them
  • Macintosh consulting and computer repair

While we are consultants, we are also comprised of a staff of highly skilled Apple Certified Technicians . Our Macintosh consultants and technicians work together between collective knowledge in Fort Worth and Dallas to bring you the best possible computer tech support.

Think Fixed offers fixed fee rates for all services, allowing you to outsource your IT needs. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, we have access to strategic partnerships and resources that our competition doesn’t.

Our courteous on site Macintosh service will surprise you. Aren’t you sick of technicians that act as if it pains them to interact with a human being?

Think Fixed believes that by helping you understand what we know, we help ourselves grow stronger and more helpful. If we are doing our job, you will feel like you don’t need us.

Dallas and Fort Worth Mac Support:

  • Dallas
  • Richardson
  • Fort Worth
  • Frisco
  • Arlington
  • Southlake
  • Highland Park
  • Denton
  • Plano

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