You wouldn’t believe some of the things I hear from businesses like yours.  This isn’t a criticism, it’s the result of our being a very small segment of the computing world.  Over time some of this misinformation evolves into myths.

Here are three of my favorite:

Myth #1: You think Macs aren’t capable of business use aside from the executive. The software I use is Windows only.

Myth #2: You know in your heart that Macs are WAY more expensive than PCs.

Myth #3: You buy Macs because they don’t break.

Take a deep breath and let’s break this down together because the core question is: “Can I use Macs to benefit my business?”

The truth is, you can use Macs, and many many companies your size do (Myth #1).

You can use them to save your business money in the long run (Myth #2).

And the problem you face as a business owner is not whether or not your computers break. That looks at the wrong end of the solution.

Your needs are as varied as your business and apparent or not; your computers are probably an enormous part of your productivity. Ask the hard question of “where is the benefit” and you will find answers instead of myth.

If you’re curious about whether your technology can provide you improved productivity, we can help. If you are wondering if your technology is costing you productivity, we can help. If you’re seeking a way to do things better, we can help.

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