Don’t fear the Mac. Embrace it!

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I started working in I.T. just over 16 years ago. That was in December 2000. Just a few years before, Apple had acquired NeXT, and all of its awesome technology that lead to the creation of macOS (formerly Mac OS X), iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. More importantly, the acquisition of NeXT brought Steve Jobs back to Apple. These were still … Read More

Mac Myth #1

adminMac Business138 Comments Myth #1 tells the story about how businesses simply can’t get by without using the tried and true PC. The only truth to this story is that the vast majority of companies do use PCs. However specious that may be, it has kept the Mac adoption rate to a minimum. It is not helped by the fact that Apple … Read More

How to use secure Notes

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Last Monday, Apple released its fourth update to OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.4 and iOS 9.3. Among the new features introduced by these updates is a feature called secure notes. Secure notes allows you to password protect the notes that you create on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad using the built in Notes app. This will be very handy … Read More

First ransomware for Mac detected in the wild

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Over this past weekend, the first OS X ransomware was detected in the wild. Ransomware is a malicious application that encrypts your files, and then demands payment in return for decrypting your files. The malware was found inside of the popular Mac BitTorrent app called Transmission. The developer behind Transmission has issued an update that will eliminate the infected version … Read More