marketing-functionalMacintosh Support and Management

If you have made the decision to run your business on a Mac, congratulations.  Businesses all over the world recognize the bottom line savings of utilizing systems that are more stable, secure and easy to use as their PC counterparts.  So now that you have a room full of Apple gear, you want to get it to work!

Our services have evolved over the years from a “it’s broken, please fix it” model to a more proactive and opportunistic model.  This model is generally referred to as Managed Services and really means a lot of different things are happening at once.

Baseline Maintenance refers to general housekeeping routines that run on each of your machines and servers 24/7 to optimize operations.  You won’t see these in action normally and if all works the way it should, you’ll question why they were needed.

Security and security policies enable your business to operate knowing problems are not coming from external or internal threats.  Nobody likes to think about the consequences of an intrusion or theft but they are business realities.  Putting reasonable and friendly security in place is a responsible and effective business decision made easy.

Consulting allows us to take your now stable and secure network and make recommendations as to how best leverage your most important business investment.  Policies and initiatives get built and deployed based on ongoing conversations with the people who make up your company as well as analysis of detailed information collected on your technical assets.