marketing-localOften businesses come to us because they are concerned about long term costs associated with individual user productivity.  Certainly regular check ups are critical, as are check ins and audits on other ancillary systems (backups, databases, etc).  However we often hear from executives and decision makers in Macintosh businesses tell us that they “are too busy” to know what people are doing or “are afraid” of missing something that may cost them down the road.

Think Fixed has provided Managed Services to small mac based businesses for years using enterprise level tools and decades of experience to help maintain a high level of operations, prevent small annoyances from becoming catastrophes and consult on large scale projects to mitigate risk and improve performance.  All at a fixed cost.

Businesses who utilize company wide policies for security, user and machine management find themselves better prepared to scale up or down in the future and operating at a higher level of business acumen.  All of which results in a happier workplace and an improved bottom line.